Award Winning Cocktail Bar in Palmanova (Mallorca)

If you've been waiting to find your favorite cocktail bar in Palmanova, that's it!

What's Special About Our Cocktail Bar in Palmanova?

Modern & Traditional Cocktail Bar

modern and traditional cocktail made in our cocktailbar in palma nova

Our cocktail bar in Palmanova Gelacious was created with the intention to offer selective people like you selective fresh and natural cocktails in a bar, all that, accompanied in a social environment in Palmanova accompanied with chillout & relaxing music to spend a time with your friends, couple, or with your family, we want this cocktail bar to become one of your favourite best bars in palma nova.

Our main objective is to bring the traditional concept of a cocktailbar mixed with the traditional cocktails & modern cocktails drinks into a mixed modern & traditional cocktailbar environment at the same time so you can enjoy your cocktail the most.

We’ve been practicing the art of the cocktail making in some of the most popular places around the world, all to to mix and choose the perfect combinations to make an exceptional and exclusive cocktail in our cocktail bar in Palmanova for you.

If you’re the kind of person who identifies as a selective person & who’d like to have a high class cocktail (Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Old Fashioned, Manhattan,Bloody Mary…) in a social environment accompanied with chillout music… our cocktailbar Gelacious is the right place for you.

Our cocktail bar is located in Palmanova (Calvià), near Son Matias beach and near Magaluf town.

Fresh & Natural Ingredients in our Cocktails

use of fresh and natural ingredients in our cocktails made in our cocktail bar inpalmanova

How about these kind of people who’re not only selective when it comes into choosing a cocktail mixed drink but also when it comes into choosing a healthy, fresh, and aromatic cocktail?

We’ve got you covered in our cocktail bar, as professional barmans in Palmanova our team prepares in advance products for your mixed drinks like the fresh and aromatic oranges, mint leaves, lemons, and all the necessary fruit that goes into the cocktails & appetizers we prepare.

Imagine the sensation of having one your favorite liqueurs or spirits mixed in a drink and creating the perfect combination for your drink and mixed into one of your favorite cocktails

Every morning our team wakes up early to buy the products in a little bio store in Palmanova, then, when all is ready, we get every one of the natural products in its natural and best environment so the taste and the aroma doesn’t waste.

Finally, we get all this fresh and aromatic fruit mixed into your cocktail that goes directly served into the table for you, all these cocktails can be accompanied with some great dishes if you want too!

Celebrate a Cocktail Party With your Friends!

celebrating a cocktail party in our cocktailbar in Palmanova in Mallorca

If you’re in Palmanova and you’re looking to drink cocktails in Mallorca in a great cocktailbar in a night life bar type of environment near you, or a bar near you to celebrate a cocktail party to simply chillout and enjoy great mixed drinks cocktails, this could be the right cocktail bar for you!

Many of our clients already voted us as one of the best cocktail bar in Palma de Mallorca and Palma Nova, because we like you to feel popular here! And since we try to keep our ingredients in the cocktails the most fresh and aromatic as possible in our dirnk, we think this makes it another great point to come in here!

Gelacious is the perfect place to enjoy a good cocktail accompanied with a great appetizer, since our local is near beach Son Matias we’re also considered one of the top beach bars in palma nova.

What would you do if you could enjoy right now an amazing fresh and aromatic cocktail drink in a social environments with your friends?

If you really like cocktails and the night life just come and try.

Cocktailbar That Makes Professional Cocktails

cocktail piña colada made in our cocktail bar

Making a delicious cocktail in a cocktailbar requires two things: the right products & the right barman to make the cocktails. What’s the point of having the right ingredients if the execution of the ingredients in a mixed cocktail drink aren’t prepared in the right way?

We know the importance of making professional cocktails and of having the right team behind the bar working hard to make the perfect execution for the final product, which is the cocktail for you.

Blending, stirring, absorption, component… al these concepts are important when it comes into making the perfect cocktail in a cocktailbar, because every process is different for all the cocktails we make, whatever drink you choose to drink with us in Palmanova you’ll be making the right choice.

We hope Gelacious becomes your favorite cocktailbar near you in Palma Nova.

 Voted by our customers one of the best cocktailbar in palmanova. 

Where to Find our Cocktail Bar in Palmanova (Gelacious)

Voted one of the Best Cocktail Bars in Palmanova by our Customers

The shakes, cocktails, and the somoothies where incredible! We will come back!
A very nice place and everything is delicious. The milkshakes are my favourites.
I haven't found any other place as good as this one!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cocktail bar?

A cocktail bar is a bar that provides high-quality cocktails and serves cocktails.

Where can I Find This Cocktail Bar in Palmanova?

Past Magaluf, simply walk near Son Matias Beach and at the end of the street, go to the left, then follow straight following the street Carrer Duc Estremera and find our bar nearby.