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Attention brunchers! If a restaurant brunch in Mallorca is what you like, you've just hit the jackpot in Palma Nova by finding Gelacious!

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Why Choose us in Mallorca?

Preparing a brunch in our restaurant in Palmanova
serving a dish of brunch in Palmanova

Our clients are proud to say we’re one of the best restaurant brunch in Palmanova and Mallorca, and it’s for a good reason!

As a family-oriented restaurant in Palmanova, we’re not only offering you to spend an unforgettable brunch experience on how the real brunch tastes like and to spend a time in a relaxed and quiet friendly environment in Palma Nova, but so much more than that…

Our ingredients are super fresh, because we buy every one of them every morning, ingredients like fruits, vegetals, and other ingredients all bought from a bio little shop here in the center of Palma, we believe in quality over quantity, and in helping little businesses who also care for the nature and the quality of the food like we do, after all, we damn understand that natural bioproducts make such a big difference in taste and in what we eat, we need to eat healthy as possible!

Gelacious in Palmanova is focused on what’s best for selective people like you, we want you to enjoy your brunches & snack in the healthiest possible way, and not just to pay and eat, that’s why making great brunches can take some more time than the usual, after all, we want to make your brunch in Palma Nova a brand-new experience that you and your friends can remember from your trip in Mallorca.

That’s one reason why our dear customers keep on coming back for an early meal like a breakfast with pancakeswaffles, snack, or later on, for a brunch lunch, not to tell about our delicious ice creams, cocktails, coffee… and the amazing weather and nightlife in Palma Nova, just come in and try!

You can find our local near Palmanova Beach and Playa de Son Maties in Calvià, it’s an experience you should not miss in Mallorca!

Where to Find our Brunch in Palmanova in Mallorca (Gelacious)

Why to Visit this Brunch in Palmanova

Why to Visit this
Brunch in Palmanova

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Our restaurant in Palma nova is considered one of the best places to eat the best brunch in Mallorca, for a good reason, many families keep on coming back for great things they’ve found in Google like pancakes near me, and then, they just keep on coming back and try some of our other excellent dishes!

Our main goal in Gelacious is to provide you with an amazing food experience by providing you with high-quality dishes.

When you’re looking to have a great breakfast near you and to enjoy a great dish in a brunch restaurant as per you having a great time with all your friends and family in your staying in Palmanova, that’s one of the main reason why you should visit our brunch in Palmanova in Calvià.

If you’re looking for a breakfast near me or a brunch near me our restaurant Gelacious is the perfect option for you.

The second “why” is because we are really creative with all our dishes!

We try to create modern and creative dishes from the most so “common” brunch dishes, wouldn’t you be passionate and creative too about something you love doing?

With that said, we hope you come to visit us for a bottomless brunch in Palmanova and join us because we’re going to welcome you with open arms and with a bright smile.

You and your lovely family are more than welcome to come and try some of our different and creative dishes in our restaurant & restaurante brunch in Palma Nova.

And if you love the nightlife in Palma Nova, you should also join us to try some of our great cocktails combinations too, because we’re specialized to make delicious brunches in Mallorca, that’s right, but we’re also accredited and cherished barmen as one of the top cocktail makers in the region!

Brunch Professional Cuisine in Palmanova (Mallorca)

brunch palmanova dish in our restaurant, scrambled eggs and avocado

Have you been dreaming about fascinating and innovative new dishes to try in the island Palma de Mallorca?

Now you can enjoy your favorite brunch dish accompanied by relaxing music & weather with a bloody Mary in hand or some other colorful cocktail you may prefer.

In our restaurant, we’re always focused on making your meal to be the best part of your day, so you can come back again and try other great and different dishes we have in Palma nova.

If you’re really passionate about brunches & brunching and in general about the food you need to make sure to check our place and to book in advance with us because most of the time we’re just overbooked!

That way you can spend a great Sunday brunch in Palmanova, most of the people always come back for another round of delicious food dishes, and you should find out the reason why!

Always feel welcome to our brunch restaurant in Palmanova and feel free to give us a phone call for reservations!

* We’ve been voted by our Google reviews “one of the best brunch in Palma de Mallorca” from selective clients that always seek the quality in each dish.

Restaurant Voted one of The Best Brunch in Mallorca by our Customers

The food is delicious, both the sweets and the dishes. The staff is friendly. I definitely recommend this place!
Absolutely amazing food! The smoothies are fresh and refreshing the eggs Benedict were to die for. Nice and clean and the servers are really sweet. Would definitely come back again next time Im in Mallorca

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brunch?

Brunch food is usually served in the late mornings to the early afternoons, brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch.

What is Considered Brunch Food?

Bread-based food like pancakes, french toast, waffles, burgers, and sandwiches.

Fruits like melons, oranges, berries, and papaya, which you can top with popular brunch foods.

P.S. If you really love cocktails make sure to check our dedicated page for cocktail bar Palmanova